Nature does some of its best work indoors – which is why we farm there exclusively.


Our inside story: 2 Friends Farm grows microgreens and wheatgrass year round, in rich fertile soil, indoors. The big mill windows welcome in the sunshine but the plants do most of their greening under LED growlights. We begin with certified organic seeds and soil so rich that it naturally promotes maximum nutrition, prolonged shelf life and a sparkling fresh, green taste.


At 2 Friends Farm, we sweat the small stuff – the very small stuff. Our crops are hand harvested and inspected to ensure perfect quality and freshness.


We farm using intensive, organic methods with an emphasis on careful monitoring of the needs of our plants. We don’t overfeed, and instead assist each sprout and seed to reach a maximum level of lifeforce in a short period of time. Our microgreens are harvested within 10 - 21 days of planting, which allows for both tenderness and well developed taste profiles.


We also follow strict food safety guidelines to ensure final product safety. Each 2 Friends Farm container is packed with a keen attention to detail, and lot's of love.


Growing goodness for you,


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Ashley & John, Founding friends

Farm fresh greens | Organic microgreens wheatgrass micro herbs RI MA




You’ll find our super fresh microgreens and wheatgrass in select grocery stores, fine restaurants and juice bars all over New England, New York and beyond. Home Delivery and Farm Pick up are also available.

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